RonEK Communications: Why Use Tech Protect?

postheadericon Why Use Tech Protect?

Eliminates obsolescence risks:If the capacity or capabilities of the system can no longer support your business, TECH PROTECT™ allows for replacement equipment to be installed without penalties or early termination charges.

Minimal upfront costs:Usually, all that is required is a 2-month security deposit. Option to choose 3, 4 or 5 year terms:

Choose the initial term that best serves your budgetary and projected needs. A longer term requires lower monthly payments. Easy upgrades and add-ons:

NEC Financial Services’ makes it easy to add-to or upgrade the equipment at any time during the rental term. These additions and upgrades will be structured to have a term that is equal to the remaining term on the Rental Agreement.

Operating, not capital expense:TECH PROTECT™ is a rental program. Your payments are an operating expense. After 12 months, if the equipment no longer has the capacity or features to meet your requirements, you can cancel the agreement and enter into a new rental agreement for equipment that is appropriate for your needs.

Single invoice for equipment rental and maintenance:If you are adding a maintenance contract for the rented equipment, we can include the cost in your monthly rental – one invoice and only one payment to make.

Flexible options at end of term:If you wish to continue using the equipment at the end of the rental term, you can ask us to extend the rental term at a reduced monthly payment or provide you with the price for you to purchase the system from us.