RonEK Communications: NEC Aspire Features

postheadericon NEC Aspire Features

Aspire allows you to converge your voice and data networks and enjoy the many advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while enjoying the hundreds of features you’ve come to expect from traditional digital/analog switching.

Aspire lets your organization benefit from the potential cost-saving advantages of IP, even if you are not ready to migrate to 100% IP Telephony immediately. That’s because Aspire gives you a choice: Deploying traditional circuit-switched technology, VoIP or a combination, all from one system! You can adopt VoIP when and where you need it.

What is Peer-to-Peer Switching?

“Peer-to-peer” switching means that the stations participating in a call are connected directly to each other through the IPnetwork. The signals travel through the IP network but do not “go through” the switch as they do in traditional telephony. The fact that Aspire can function in and support a “hybrid” network with traditional digital/analog switching, IP/TDM/IP switching and pure peer-to-peer IP switching means that users can continue to utilize their existing equipment while they begin to phase in IP Telephony and lay the foundation for current and future networks.

Reduced Costs of Peer-to-Peer IP Connectivity

* Maintain one network rather than two
* Bypass the long distance carrierby sending voice calls overthe data network
* Single cable termination to the desktop
* Reduced brick and mortar expenses by deploying main office features to remote personnel

Aspire’s Voice over IP (VoIP) allows you to place voice calls over a data network. VoIP reduces long distance charges by using IP to connect multiple office locations and telecommuters. Remote workers have access to main office features, such as voice mail, allowing offices to operate as a single unit.

24-button UserPro allows your customer to configure and program their own telephone using a web browser at their desktop. Programming keys, speed dials and call forwarding are some of the features UserPro can set up. Each extension has their own UserPro password. An administrator’s password allows system-based programs such as time and DID name to be programmed.

Softphone for desktop or laptop PC. Works with USB handset or headset and provides full extension capability over IP.

Aspire S delivers many of the high-powered features of the Aspire but in a package tailored for companies using 24 phones or less. Networking to the Aspire using VoIP makes Asipre S a great system for the small/ home/branch office.

Aspire Systems support combinations of digital, analog, cordless, wireless and IP telephones up to a maximum of 512 extensions.

Aspire Mail, an optional in-switch voice mail, provides sophisticated features that save time and money. Return Call with Caller ID saves caller ID information for inside- and outside-originated calls. Answering Machine Emulation is helpful when you are waiting for an important call. It lets you listen while a caller is leaving a message for you. Message Center Keys allow two people sharing the same phone to have their own message waiting key. Each person can see if he/she has new messages. Conversation Record saves and records your conversation into your mailbox with the touch of a button. Park and Page allows a caller to page you before leaving a message. You can pick up the call from any station.

IntraMail optional plug-in card for Aspire S offers 4 or 8 ports of voice mail and auto attendant.

Conference Scheduler is used to set up a managed conference. Users receive an email with the number and password to dial into the conference. A web browser is used to set up the conference.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) distributes calls evenly among member agents and provides initial and repetitive announcements that encourage callers to remain online. Callers can leave a message if they choose to receive a callback from an agent. Optional PC-based Supervisor with Reports can be used for agent scheduling.

Wireless/Cordless phones keep employees connected while away from their desk. Aspire provides a variety of mobility solutions to connect your whole campus or just your office.

System Maintenance allows for online HTML-based programming access either onsite or over the Internet. Using browser software simplifies the process for changing names or speed dial settings. Special PC software is available for off-line programming and remote access by modem.

Call Logging saves information about incoming and outgoing calls. Logged calls can be redialed or saved to speed-dial memory.

Aspire’s Automatic Route Selection (ARS) system decides whether to place a call with a long distance carrier, over IP or, if allowed, a local trunk. You specify how you want your calls to be routed. Secure Station Relocation reduces maintenance costs by allowing users to move telephones without installer assistance.

E911 Compatibility identifies the origination of an E911 call so emergency services can reach the specific extension location quickly.

Why Aspire with VoIP?

VoIP is the technology that transmits voice signals on a digital data network using a single cable connected to all terminals. It allocates signal space as needed instead of in dedicated time slots giving it the potential to be more efficient.

Aspire offers a variety of IP solutions to the most common business needs. VoIP and IP technology are changing the way businesses communicate. VoIP is an enabler offering communication connectivity options not previously available.