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Softphone is a Windows application for your desktop or laptop PC that works with a USB handset or headset to provide full extension capability over IP.

IP Telephony From Your PC

Softphone connects to the IP network and allows your PC to function as a business phone. With an optional USB camera connected, the video softphone version lets you set up a video teleconference right from your PC.

Remote IP Keyset Features and More

* Phonebook

Use the Phonebook to place a call by choosing from a stored catalog of names. There are two types of phonebooks: personal and shared. A personal phonebook is exclusively for your softphone. A shared phonebook can be shared by you as well as your co-workers with softphones.

* Name Search

With Name Search, just type the name of the person you want to reach into the softphone Input Window and let softphone do the work for you. It will search your personal and shared phonebooks and place the call for you.

* Mail Exchange

Mail Exchange lets you use the softphone Input Window to send an email to any address in your personal or shared phonebooks. Like Name Search, just type the name of the person you want to email and softphone will look them up. Then, just right-click the record and select Send Mail. You can then compose and send your email normally.

* Keyword

Automatically extract and store the name, phone number, email address and other content from incoming email by using softphone’s Keyword feature.

* Dial Pattern

Dial Pattern is a type of dial treatment that allows softphone to automatically add line access codes, add additional numbers before and after the phone number, and delete numbers from the beginning of a phone number. You can, for example, add a line access code and remove the area code from a local number.

* Customized Setup Options

Adjust the softphone toolbar icon size, arrange the order of the toolbar icons, and enter easy-to-recognize names for your outside lines.

PC Assistant

The PC Assistant is a Windows-based application, connected over your LAN to the Aspire system, that helps you manage the work load at your telephone.

PC AssistantCall Answering Assistant

When a call rings into your phone, the PC Assistant pops to the front on your screen, provides easy access to the basic telephone operations, and gives you valuable information about the call. You can quickly move between the different areas of the screen to dispatch callers, search the contact directory, and view the status of your lines.

Call Handling Assistant

The PC Assistant uses a point-and-click, icon-based interface with call control buttons for your most commonly-used features. These features include Hold, Dial, Transfer, Conference, Park and Page, Barge-in, and Speed Dial. You also get quick access to more advanced features like Contact Lookup, Directory with Busy Lamp Indicator, and Outbound PC Dialing. PC Assistant can also provide screen pops when used with Microsoft Outlook, Goldmine, or Act.*

PC AssistantCall Recording and Logging and Assistant

Call Recording

If your Aspire keyset has a CTU (USB) adaptor installed, the PC Assistant can record your calls. Since the recorded call is saved as a standard WAV file, you can handle it as you would any other Windows file (such as attach it to an email for a co-worker). You can set up the PC Assistant to record calls automatically or only as you choose. As an added benefit, you can also use your PC Assistant and CTU-equipped keyset to play a presonal greeting to your callers.

Call Logging

Your PC Assistant provides a tabular log of all calls dialed from your PC or telephone. You can easily redial any number in your log, enter a special note for an entry, and see at a glance which calls you have recorded. In addition, you can search, sort, archive, and export you call log entries.

* Compatible with:

* Microsoft Outlook 2000 or higher.
* Goldmine 6.7 or higher.
* Act 2005 or higher.

PC Attendant

Aspire offers a variety of IP solutions for your business needs. The Aspire PC Attendant is another one of those solutions. Connecting to your IP network, the PC Attendant allows your Attendants to handle calls with simplicity and efficiency right from their desktops. The PC Attendant point-and-click interface easy-to-use and helps them be more productive and efficient.

PC Attendant – Enhanced Call Management

The PC Attendant provides easy access to a full array of call handling features. It can, for example:

* Automatically answer a call and play a greeting to the caller.
* Alert you to incoming calls and provide you with a comprehensive database of information about the requested extension.
* Allow you to Transfer a call simply by pointing and clicking your mouse.
* Easily access other basic features such as Hold, Dial, Conference, and Park and Page.
* Record and save your conversations, even forward them as email attachments. You can record all your calls, or just those you choose.

Sophisticated Call Logging

The PC Attendant call log provides a table view of all your PC Attendant calls.

* Each call record includes your attendant ID, call type (in/out), call date and time, call duration, and Caller ID number.
* Visually mark those calls you have recorded.
* Save, sort, search, archive, print, and export your call logs.
* Automatically redial any number in the call log record.

PC Attendant – Multi-Tasking Made Easy

* See at a glance is an extension is in use, idle, call forwarded, or marked in Do Not Disturb (DND).
* If you Transfer a call to a co-worker and hear busy, you get a menu of call handling options (such as “quick transfer to voice mail”).
* Use Quick Message to send short messages to your co-workers.
* For quicker access, group extensions under custom-defined tabs (i.e., workgroup, department. etc.).
* While answering the phones, simply click on the pop-up window to simultaneously use standard Windows programs such as word processors or spreadsheets.

Custom-Made Convenience

Configuring your PC Attendant is simple. Choose your own feature keys and create a virtually unlimited number of speed dial and on-screen shortcut buttons. This helps save you time and ensure your call handling accuracy and efficiency.


UserPro is a program embedded in the Aspire system that lets you use your PC browser to set up features in your telephone. Just type in the IP address of your system, enter your user name and password, and your ready for the convenience of UserPro.

Two Levels of Access

User Level (UB)

The UB access level is the mode for most users and lets you to set up Function Keys, Call Forward, Extension Name, and Display Language.

Admin Level (UA)

The UA level, recommended for technicians, provides all the functions of the UA level in addition to more advanced settings such as setting the Time, Direct Inward Dial (DID) names, Night Mode patterns, and Music on Hold