RonEK Communications: NEC Nitsuko “i” Series

postheadericon NEC Nitsuko “i” Series

The i-Series ISDN compatible office communications systems are ready today to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Unique multiple-processor architecture, enhanced with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology, provides a solid yet flexible foundation for reliability, adaptability and performance. With three 64K channels at each extension, the i-Series is poised to integrate with the growing worldwide voice and data network.
With expansive feature sets, you can quickly customize the i-Series to meet the most demanding application challenges. ISDN Primary Rate Interface (PRI) and Basic Rate Interface (BRI), along with T1 capability (including ANI/DNIS), simplify the most intensive trunking requirements. Advanced features like Automatic Route Selection (ARS) are built right into the system, not expensive options. Other features like Conferencing (four and eight party), Repeat Dialing and the six-port Voice Announce Unit make call handling a breeze. And the i-Series is fully integrated with NEC’s powerful NVM-Series of Voice Mail/Automated Attendant systems.

The i-Series seamlessly integrates with the i-Series to bring the promise of Intranet/Internet Telephony to your business today!

With NEC’s i-Series Gateway, your remote workers can now enjoy all the features of your corporate PBX, wherever they are located. That’s because the extends all the capabilities of your KTS/PBX to remote employees over circuit or packet networks.

With NEC’s for branch offices, off-premise workers can now enjoy the features of the corporate KTS/PBX, from wherever they are located. No more feeling of seclusion from co-workers and corporate resources.

NEC’s i-Series Single IP Extender provides a teleworker or remote call center agent with the same digital telephone set and all the features they have in the corporate office or call center. By sending the voice traffic and signaling over a managed IP network back to an i-Series Gateway located at the corporate site, the allows voice traffic to be seamlessly carried over an existing data network.