RonEK Communications: NEC Nitsuko i Series Telephone Sets

postheadericon NEC Nitsuko i Series Telephone Sets

For the power user, there is the 34-Button Super Display Telephone with its fully interactive eight-line alphanumeric display.

A receptionist and dispatcher will surely take advantage of the 34-Button Display keyset. Its two-line alphanumeric display with interactive soft keys and DSS console support make this phone the ideal attendant position.

The 28-Button Display and Standard models make the perfect addition to any office.

You’ll also appreciate the flexibility and economy of the 22-Button Display and Standard models.

All of the above telephone models come equipped with programmable feature keys, dual LEDs, handsfree speakerphone and wall/desk stand kit. The i-Series telephones can also support feature options such as RS232 port, analog port, full Duplex Speakerphone with Off Hook Voice Announce, and Off Hook Voice Announce.

The 900i cordless model is ideal for busy executives who spend much of the day away from their desks. The 900i is enhanced with four programmable feature keys, four fixed feature keys and LCD display.

The Digital Single Line Telephone rounds out the product line with its attractive value and adaptability.

The 24-Button DSS and 110-Button DSS consoles are system-wide attendant positions for efficient call monitoring and handling.

Platform for wireless technology using the 900i or Traveler telephones