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Digitally Integrated Voice Mail with Automated Attendant

In today’s business climate, there is simply no place for long call holding periods, incorrect call routing or lost messages. While organizations seek additional features to address these needs, they also expect improved efficiency, economy and convenience. UX Mail is a fully-digital, in-chassis voice mail that is best able to meet these expectations. Digital integration brings increased speed and accuracy to your voice mail system. And since UX Mail is a blade that plugs right into the UX5000 chassis, it is easy to install.


Unified Messaging

In addition to powerful Voice Mail and Automated Attendant features, UX Mail also offers the latest Unified Messaging technology. UX Mail Unified Messaging integrates and synchronizes your voice mailbox with your email inbox.


Soft Key Convenience

One touch “Soft” keys make it easy to manage your voice mail messages. And, while you’re on a call, just a few touches can also Transfer your call directly to a co-worker’s mailbox. For those important messages, mark them Urgent (for priority treatment) and/or Confidential (for the recipient only).s


Recording Your Conversation

Have you ever been on the phone with a client or customer and not been able to take notes fast enough? With UX Mail, just press the programmed Conversation Record key to record the call directly into your mailbox. Later on, review the recorded conversation for important details you may have missed.


Use Forwarding When You’re Away From Your Desk

If you can’t be at your desk to take calls, press the Call Forward key and UX Mail will immediately send calls to your mailbox. In addition, your system can Automatically Forward calls when you are busy or can’t answer. When your mailbox answers, the caller hears your personal prerecorded Mailbox Greeting and is asked to leave a message. You can record Multiple Greetings (up to 3) and easily select the one you want your callers to hear.


Automatically Return Calls With Caller ID and Make Call

Using the optional Caller ID from your phone system, UX Mail stores the telephone number of a caller that left a message in your mailbox. After you listen to the message, Make Call lets you quickly call the person back without manually dialing. The sophisticated Automated Attendant ensures that your calls are answered and routed quickly and efficiently.


Locate a Co-Worker with Park and Page

Hesitant to leave your desk until that important call comes in? UX Mail Park and Page can automatically park that call and page you over an in-house paging system with your own pre-recorded announcement. You can then answer the call from any extension. You won’t miss that important call and you’ll be free to take care of other business away from your desk.


Handy Tutorial for First Time Users

New users will appreciate the First Time Tutorial that automatically guides them through all the UX Mail power features. While you’re busy at your desk, use the UX Mail Answering Machine Emulation to screen your calls just like your answering machine at home. You can choose to answer that important call, listen to the caller without answering, or let it go through to your mailbox.


Automated Answering with Sophisticated Routing

The Automated Attendant can automatically answer your system’s incoming calls, play greeting to the caller, and then announce their dialing options. There are 3 major parts of the Automated Attendant.

* Answering Table
The Answering Table determines how the Automated Attendant answers outside calls on each line according to the time of the day and day of the week that the call is ringing.

* Call Routing Mailbox
Associated with each Answering Table, the Call Routing Mailbox provides two announcements to callers: the Welcome Message (which greets callers) and the Instruction Menu (which describes the caller’s dialing options).

* Dial Action Table
Assigned to the Call Routing Mailbox, provides the dialing options to callers. Each digit a caller can dial can be assigned a specific action (such as transferring to a department).


Advanced Call Handling Options Built Right In

* Answer Schedule Override

Used to provide holiday and bad weather closing enactments, for example, Answer Schedule Override provides alternate answering for Automated Attendant calls. Enable override when you want callers to hear the special announcements; disable override to have the Automated Attendant answer normally.

* Call Announcing

When an Automated Attendant caller dials your extension, Call Announcing can broadcast their name – giving you the option to discretely accept or reject their call. This is another way to screen your calls prior to answering.

* Call Blocking

Your extension can be set up to block Automated Attendant callers from reaching your phone. They are sent back to the Automated Attendant instead. It would prevent a caller that has obtained a list of company extensions, for example, from directly dialing your extension through the Automated Attendant.

* Call Park and Page

Your Automated Attendant can automatically Park a call at your extension and then Page with a prerecorded Paging Message announcing your call. You can then use your UX5000 features to pick up the parked call. With Call Park and Page, you won’t need an operator or receptionist to manually answer your call, park it, and then try to locate you.

* Call Waiting

An Automated Attendant caller can wait in line (without hanging up) for you to become free. If you don’t want waiting callers to automatically go to your voice mailbox, use Call Waiting instead.

* Caller ID (with Make Call)

If your system has Caller ID enabled, Make Call lets you listen to a voice message and dial MC to return the call without knowing your caller’s phone number. This is a real time-saver when returning calls.

* Day, Night, and Holiday Greetings

One of the strong points of the UX Mail Automated Attendant is its extensive answer scheduling. The Automated Attendant handle calls according to the schedules you set up. For example, call answering can be different in the day, at night, on weekends, or on holidays.

* Flexible Answering (Multiple Company Greetings)

Your UX Mail Automated Attendant can answer each outside call with a unique greeting and unique set of dialing options. This allows several companies or departments to share a single UX Mail. Callers to each company hear that company’s greeting and can dial options that may be available only to that specific company.

* Individual Line (Trunk) Greetings

To further customize your routing, you can have specific outside lines answered in a certain way. If you have a DIL for your Sales Department, UX Mail can answer each call with a customized Sales Department greeting and set of dialing options.

* Single-Digit Transfer

With Single-Digit Transfer, your Automated Attendant callers can press a single key to route to one of your co-workers, access another destination, or use a voice mail feature. This simplifies the Automated Attendant since the caller just dials a single digit to reach an extension or use an option.


Fax Mail

No more time-consuming trips to the fax machine. Instead, experience the ease of having fax mail delivered directly to your voice mailbox. The fax stores as a confidential and private voice message. When the subscriber accesses his voice mailbox, he has the option of sending the fax to any fax machine, forwarding it with a comment to another subscriber or saving it for later retrieval. The caller also has the option of recording a voice cover page with each fax. A Unified Messaging user can view, zoom in/out, rotate, invert, size and print the document. With the Fax Mail option, you don’t have to use a scanner to get a document into computer form. The document is already in computer format and can be saved into a variety of file types.


Fax Server

Fax Mail handles inbound faxes, but Fax Server is required to additionally handle outbound faxes. With Fax Server, you can send a fax as easily as you currently send a print job to a printer on your network. In addition, Fax Server can send to a broadcast list of recipients as well as request a delivery receipt for the fax when it is sent. Fax Server can schedule delivery of the fax, and it also provides for a customized personal cover page for your faxes. An email confirmation can be programmed to confirm that a fax transmission was successfully sent.