RonEK Communications: Network Monitoring Glossary

postheadericon Network Monitoring Glossary

Basic Sequencer Provides reporting on bandwidth (Capacity, Available, Utilized), Voice & Data Packet Loss, Jitter and MOS.  Installs on a local host.  No port forwarding required. Path data archived for 30 days, Diagnostic reports archived for 7 days
Enhanced Sequencer

All Basic Sequencer features plus  -

  • VoIP stress testing and synthetic traffic loading.
  • Tests QoS using ToS (Precedence) , DiffServ (DSCP) – including Class Selector, Assured Forwarding, Best Effort and Expedite Forwarding.
  • Advanced reporting for multiple sites.
  • Path data archived for 120 days,  Diagnostic reports archived indefinitely.

Using RonEK data center sequencers to look into a network
Inside-Looking-Out Using on-site sequencer (Basic or Enhanced) to further enhance trouble shooting, evaluate MPLS or meshed VPN designs.  (Port 3239 must be forwarded to host or HRA)
Hardware Relay Appliance (HRA) 1G NIC appliance used instead of customer provided host.  Works with either Basic or Enhanced Sequencer.  Collects data from all programmed targets and relays back to RonEK data center for processing.